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Kiara was originally launched in our original packaging while simple in appearance does not truly characterise our vision. There is a deep connection between the nature and human that has existed for thousands of years. Driven by a great desire to convey the true spirit of the Kiara brand, that is to create the best products from nature sources, we have decided to give our creations a fresh new look.

The Kiara Phytoceuticals name which was used on the old packaging is now shortened to just Kiara. With this small but significant change, we hope that with this simplified name will help make the brand be more recognisable and closer to our customers.


We now have a line pattern as part of our branding. These lines represent the intertwined connection between the nature and human. They can also be used to differentiate between different products. – Our brand spirits.


The new K logo, taken from first letter of our name, has two diagonal strokes that seamlessly connect to the outer circle also shows the desire for that connection.


The black and white colour palette has now been replaced with a new palette, consisting of a main orange tone that represents the colors of the fertile land, that nourishes and provide rich nutrients to create vigorous plants. They are the sources of precious and wonderful botanicals used in the creation of Kiara high quality natural products.


Kiara has a brand new look but we are committed to the same high quality that been loved and used by many all over the world.

If you have any questions about our new look products or if you’d like to get more our personal skin care tips? Contact Kiara experts today and we will help you achieve your skin care goals.

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